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High-End UVC Air Cleaning Solutions

Neutralize Infectious Aerosols without chemicals 

Our AirSterilizer is a high-end mobile air sterilizer based on UVC technology. We are certified to eliminate 99.99995% of viruses –  including the Covid-19 virus! Our powerful UVC lamps destroy also other airborne germs like bacteria, pollen or mold. Proven by this recently published Boston University study.

Our AirSterilizer is made in Germany and the effectiveness of our technology has been validated by the renowned Mines Paris Tech University while adhering to the highest safety standards. We are your reliable partner in the field of UVC air disinfection.

Kills SARS-CoV-2

99.99995% of airborne germs including Covid-19 and it's mutations, get eliminated. The effectiveness of our Air Sterilizers has been tested and certified by the German TITK Institute.

Safe UVC Lighting

Our chemical-free UVC disinfection is radiation-free, ozone-free, and chemical-free. Our Air Sterilizer is killing viruses, bacteria, and mold while being absolutely safe to use.

Made in Germany

Engineered, tested and produced in Germany. The goal: Highest quality standards. With about 1.900 hours of engineering, our Air Sterilizer has been built to be effective, robust and safe.

How our sterilizer works

Since it is a mobile Air Sterilizer on wheels and only weighs ~9 kg you simply roll it in the room, plug it in and press the start button – either on the device itself or via the remote control.

The strong but silent-running ventilation system sucks in up to 72 liters of air per second. The air then travels through the powerful UVC chamber where infectious aerosols get sterilized rapidly and safely. 

The breathing volume of an average person is about 100 ml per second. Due to its strong ventilation and rapid sterilization ability, our Air Sterilizer secures a sterile area of 6 meters in diameter. In this area the likelihood of getting infected gets minimized tremendously, which is validated by the simulations run by the renowned CFL research group at the Mines ParisTech University. 

Our UVC technology is certified to kill 99.99995% of viruses (including SARS-CoV-2 and it’s variants). Tested by the TITK Institute in Germany. Additionally, scientific research shows that UVC light is also highly effective against other viruses, bacteria, mold or pollen. This recent study from Boston University tested our UVC lamps and has proven its effectiveness! 


About Our Technology

Due to its very short wavelength of 100 nm – 280 nm, UVC light penetrates organic cells – good & bad ones – and ruptures their DNA strings. Therefore, harvesting the power of UVC for air sterilization has been a challenge for a long time. On one side, a high dose of UVC is needed to kill airborne germs and on the other side, exposure to high doses of UVC will lead to severe skin and eye injuries.  Thanks to our 20 accumulated years of know-how in air ventilation, photonics and electrical design, our devices are built to be highly effective, robust and at the same time absolutely safe to use. All our devices go through rigorous testing procedures including:
  • UVC chamber intensity validation
  • Air circulation simulations
  • Safe UVC irradiation levels
  • Mechanical and electrical safety

Where to use SaferAir

Due to its features – compact size & weightsafe & easy to use, silent running, no bad odor, no ozone, no chemicals, no need to change filters, effectiveness against viruses, bacteria and mold within 6 meter in diameter – SaferAir can help you protect people in several locations: For example schools, offices, shops, cafes, waiting rooms and – of course – your home. 


In a typical classroom you only need 2 SaferAir devices to minimize infections. This is especially important if you can't open the windows.

Nursing Homes

Our beloved elderly family members are most vulnerable to infections. Germs transmitted via aerosols are the biggest and most lethal threat.

Offices & coworking

By installing a SaferAir every 6 meters you can significantly improve the safety of your employees and get them back to the office in good conscience.

Public Administration

Some fields of public service are systemically relevant with many visitors. Safety for employees and citizens should be a priority!

at home

You want to invite friends over or generally protect your family from airborne threats like viruses or mold? Place SaferAir in your rooms.

Restaurants & Bars

You want to assure your customers, that they are safe in your location? Place a SaferAir every 6 meters and you minimize the no.1 reason of infections.

Production Quality of SaferAir

SaferAir has been developed, tested and produced in Germany. We work together with our partner Efbe-Schott  in Thueringen. 

For us, “made in Germany” is a commitment to the art of German engineering and the highest quality standards while producing carbon-neutral. It is our mission to provide you the best service possible.

If you need advise on the use of our mobile air sterilizers, our experts are eager to answer all your questions and help you on how to best setup your SaferAir.

We do our best to help you stay safe!

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